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Join Urban Biome: Amplify Your Sustainable Brand’s Impact!

Are you a brand passionate about sustainability, ethics, and making a positive impact? Urban Biome invites you to join our marketplace and become part of a movement that’s reshaping the way consumers shop.

Why Choose Urban Biome

Curated Excellence

We curate a diverse collection of products, ensuring that each item aligns with our stringent sustainability and ethical criteria. Join a platform that values quality and responsibility.

Verified Transparency

Showcase your brand’s sustainable practices with confidence. Our verification process ensures your claims are substantiated, building trust with conscious consumers.

Educational Platform

Urban Biome is more than a marketplace; it’s a hub of knowledge. Contribute to a community that values education, helping consumers make informed choices.

Amplify Your Reach

Gain exposure to a community of conscious consumers actively seeking brands that resonate with their values. Increase your brand’s visibility and reach a dedicated audience.

Join a Community for Impact

Urban Biome is a global community of changemakers where real impact is rewarded. We’ll share more about this and the innovative features that support our mission in the upcoming launch of our marketplace. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the launch.

What Your Brand Needs to Join

Sustainability Credentials

We only feature products with one or more of the following sustainability credentials:

  1. Made with natural sustainable materials.
  2. Have sustainability certifications.
  3. Ethical/Fairtrade.
  4. Locally made.

At least one of the above credentials must apply. Products with verified sustainability credentials will include a “Verified” badge in the marketplace.

How it Works

No e-commerce store required: Our model doesn’t require you to have your own e-commerce website, but we’ll integrate with your online store if you have one.

Urban Biome will host your products on our e-commerce marketplace and charge a small commission on sales. For more details about how the model works please email us at

Join the Movement Today!

If our mission aligns with your brand’s vision, let’s transform how people shop and create lasting change, together.

Empower Your Brand’s Voice, Elevate Your Impact

Ready to take your brand’s impact to the next level? Join Urban Biome and become part of a community that’s making a difference.