Sustainable Sneaker Brands

Sustainable Sneaker Brands: 8 Global Companies with a Positive Footprint

Are you looking to step into a new pair of eco friendly sneakers and leave behind a positive footprint? Welcome to our list of 8 sustainable sneaker brands that are taking steps toward minimising their environmental impact.

Designed to blend style, performance, and eco-consciousness, sustainable sneakers are crafted using sustainable materials and ethical production practices, all while delivering the durability and functionality you need to cruise the streets. 

We have curated a collection of eight sustainable sneaker brands that are available to you online and delivered virtually anywhere in the world. Each brand on our list embodies unique sustainability values. So, whether you prioritise sustainability or simply seek the perfect combination of performance, price and style, our list of sustainable sneaker brands has got you covered. Here are the highlights:

1. Reefer Shoes X1 Sneaker

Reefer X1 Sneaker

Price: $ 85.51

Why we love them: Reefer Shoes is Building a Sustainable Ecosystem

Reefer Shoes, a South African brand, embodies fairness, innovation, and progression. Their focus is on creating a sustainable ecosystem and revolutionising the footwear production process. By responsibly harvesting cork, they obtain a key sustainable material without causing harm to trees. Notably, these shoes boast an edgy, unisex design and are locally produced, actively contributing to the support of local communities.

Explore Reefer Shoes X1 Sneaker options for all genders.

2. Saola Cannon Canvas

Eco Sneakers

Price: $ 89.95

Why we love them: These Eco Sneakers Support Wildlife Conservation

Saola draws inspiration from nature and outdoor escapades to create their sneakers. These kicks are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. The uppers are ingeniously crafted from recycled plastic bottles (PET), while the insoles incorporate recycled foam and natural cork. Additionally, the outsoles are made from recycled rubber. As a 100% vegan brand, Saola offers a cruelty-free alternative for conscientious consumers.

But it doesn’t stop there! Saola goes above and beyond by actively supporting wildlife conservation efforts. Through partnerships with organisations like the Wildlife Conservation Network, they contribute a portion of their sales to these vital initiatives.

3. Everlane ReLeather® Shoe

Everlane ReLeather® Shoe

Price: $ 105.35

Why we love them: Everlane’s Commitment to Circularity and Waste Reduction

Everlane combines minimalist design and top-notch craftsmanship to create eco sneakers that transcend passing trends, so you can enjoy them for a long time. By incorporating uppers made from recycled plastic bottles, they embody their dedication to reducing waste.

Ethical manufacturing is a top priority for Everlane. They collaborate with factories worldwide, ensuring a strong commitment to fair labour practices.

Everlane goes the extra mile to minimise its environmental impact. For instance, they implement carbon-neutral shipping for all orders, taking concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Check out the Everlane Releather Shoe options for all genders.

4. Cariuma Berrics CATIBA Pro

Cariuma Berrics CATIBA Pro

Price: $ 120

Why we love them: Cariuma Supports Reforestation

If you’re seeking animal-free alternatives, Cariuma has got you covered with its impressive selection of vegan sneakers. The brand crafts its shoes without any animal-derived materials, making them a compassionate choice. Cariuma takes pride in its commitment to sustainability by utilising organic cotton, bamboo, and sugarcane, which helps reduce its environmental impact and supports sustainable agriculture.

By contributing a portion of their sales to reforestation projects and other charitable causes, Cariuma goes beyond the realm of fashion and actively contributes to making a positive impact on the planet and communities.

Check out the Cariuma Berrics CATIBA Pro for all genders.

5. Nae Ganges Black Recycled PET

Nae Ganges Black Recycled PET

Price: $ 125.29

Why we love them: Nae – “No Animal Exploitation”

Nae (No Animal Exploitation) takes a firm stance against animal cruelty in the production of its eco sneakers. They go the extra mile to ensure that their shoes are crafted using only cruelty-free materials, completely avoiding any animal-derived components like leather, fur, or silk. Instead, Nae embraces sustainable alternatives such as recycled PET, organic cotton, cork, Piñatex (made from pineapple leaf fibres), and microfiber derived from recycled plastic bottles.

They prioritise the use of water-based adhesives and natural dyes, minimising the use of harmful chemicals and reducing water consumption in their manufacturing process.

6. Ethletic Fair Sneaker Root II

Eco Friendly Sneakers

Price: $ 129.34

Why we love them: Ethletic’s Eco friendly Sneakers Promote Biodiversity

Ethletic brings you a collection of sneakers that are not only stylish but also animal-friendly. Their sneakers are crafted from organic cotton, showcasing their commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and preserving biodiversity.

When it comes to the soles of their shoes, Ethletic takes no shortcuts. They use natural rubber that is FSC-certified, meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests. This ensures that their products are not only kind to animals but also to the environment.

Check out the Ethletic Fair Sneaker Root II.

7. Novesta ITOH

Novesta ITOH

Price: $ 160.73

Why we love them: Novesta Supports Local Artisans

Novesta crafts its sneakers with the utmost care and consideration for the environment. They use 100% cotton canvas, natural rubber, and linen, all of which are biodegradable, renewable, and have a significantly lower environmental impact than synthetic alternatives.

Ethical production practices are at the core of Novesta’s values. They embrace the art of handmade production, employing skilled artisans in Slovakia who utilise traditional techniques. By supporting local communities, Novesta ensures that every pair of sneakers has a positive impact.

Check out the Novesta ITOH range.

8. Veja Campo ChromeFree Leather

Veja Campo ChromeFree Leather

Price: $ 161.81

Why we love them: Veja is Transparent, Organic and Fair

When it comes to eco-friendly footwear, Veja is a frontrunner. They carefully select materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Amazonian rubber for their shoes. What’s even more impressive is the ChromeFree leather collection, which introduces an innovative tanning process. By eliminating harmful chemicals and conserving water, Veja proves that sustainable practices can redefine the industry.

However, Veja’s commitment goes beyond materials. They prioritise fair trade and actively support local communities. Their dedication to transparency is evident, backed by certifications that validate their claims. And the best part? Veja’s stylish designs cater to all genders, showing that sustainable fashion can be effortlessly chic.

Check out the Veja Campo ChromeFree Leather.

A Final Word on Eco Friendly Sneakers

Our list of eco friendly sneakers shows that style and sustainability can coexist, allowing you to make a positive impact through your fashionable and environmentally-conscious footwear choices.

Sustainable sneaker brands design their sneakers to withstand the test of time, whilst promoting sustainable consumption patterns, reducing waste from fast fashion and upholding standards for fair labour.

If you’re left wondering what traditional brands are doing about sustainability, check out our blog: Is Nike Fast Fashion and What Are Nike’s Sustainability Efforts?

No matter where you are in the world, be it Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, or beyond, the brands on our list offer global shipping services, so you can easily access and enjoy their eco-friendly footwear no matter your location.

Embrace your individuality and minimise your environmental footprint as you cruise the streets with these sustainable sneaker brands. 

Please Note: We captured these prices at a spot exchange rate, so prices may not account for currency fluctuations.

What’s your favourite sustainable skate shoe? Let us know why in the comments below.


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